Stepping Into Advent


Here we are.

Stepping into Advent.

And, doing our best to turn our attention and our lives in the direction of the promises and hopes wrapped up in our celebration of Christmas.

As I make that shift, this verse has been tugging on my heart and running through my mind.

“The light shines in the darkness…”

Believing as I do that the Bible is never just about then, but also about now.

And never just about them (including Jesus), but also about you and me.

I have been asking myself how I am to be that light?
That light in the face of the migrant crisis at our borders?

That light in the face of endless lies and constant blaming?

That light as black men are shot again and again and again.

That light as friends and family struggle with crippling illness and relentless pain?

That light in the face of expectations which pile up one upon the other?

It is not enough…

It has never been enough…

To just leave it to Jesus.

After all…

If we take him at this word…

He is the one who looked at us and said,

“You are the light of the world.”

Paul Alcorn is the former pastor of Bedford Presbyterian Church in Bedford Village. He is now Honorably Retired (whatever that means) and living in Vermont.


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