While the culture around us begins much earlier than we do, the Christian community holds onto Christmas longer than they do. But with the celebration of Epiphany, even for us, the Christmas season is now over. But before we go I thought I would offer this for your reflection.

What I realized in reading and thinking about the story of the Magi seeing and following that mysterious star is there were and there are many stars in the sky. Many stars we might see and follow.
Herod saw clearly and was following his star.
His star was power and control maintained by intimidation and brute force.
But, there were and are other stars, as well.
There is the star of win at all costs.
Or, the star of pulling ourselves up by our own bootstraps.
Or, the star of me first.
Or, the star of I deserve this.

Or, the star of I can’t do that.
Or, what if we fail.
Or, I am only one person.
All those stars are there in the sky and the narratives they represent surround us. They flow through the air we breathe and are in the water we drink. They are the stories we were told as we grew up.

And then you come to church.
And here, you are reminded…
Here we are reminded…
There is another story.
Another narrative.
Another star in the sky we might see and follow.
This star has something to do with God with us.
With each and every one of us.
This star has something to do with treating others as we and they would like to be treated. This star has something to do with the last being first and a table big enough for all. This star has something to do being peacemakers and peace on earth. This star has something to do with light and grace and welcome and resurrection.

Paul Alcorn is the Pastor of Bedford Presbyterian Church in Bedford Village, NY.

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