Holy, Lowly, Refugee

flight to egypt
Matthew 2:13-15
An angel of the Lord warns Joseph to flee.

Jesus was a refugee.  Christians seldom attach that description to the Christ child.

We are willing to attach Jesus to his birth mother, Mary; to his adoptive father, Joseph; to his procreative Maker, Holy Spirit.  We are willing to describe the baby as an infant holy, an infant lowly.

We cradle Jesus and bestow upon him numerous titles — Immanuel, Prince of Peace, Savior — yet one crucial aspect of Christ’s childhood narrative rarely is noted.  Jesus was a refugee.

Jesus was neither the first nor the last refugee.  At the same time we worshiped on Christmas Eve, there were persons travelling under the cover of night — fleeing from hostile forces, seeking refuge.

The miracle of the Christmas story may not be that of Jesus’ birth; instead, the miracle may be that Jesus lived.

We receive our salvation through one who was a refugee.  Let every heart prepare him room.

Laurie A. McNeill is the Teaching Elder for the yoked congregations in Highland and Marlboro.

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