Summer Sabbath

My vacation begins in another two weeks.
I am very ready. After a very busy spring and early summer I need some time away.
Time away from my usual routine.
Time to pay less attention to my To Do list.
Time to untangle the internal knots and even to feel bored.
Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy.
I have been thinking about how we can think about and treat our summer routines as Sabbath rather than just summer or vacation. Sabbath, I think, has something to do not just with a day or a season, but also with space. Internal space.
Space enough to remember.
Space enough to pay attention.
Space enough that there is space for the Holy.
My summer Sabbath begins in a couple of weeks.
I am ready.

We are also going to take a few weeks off from adding new posts to A Curious Faith. We are grateful for everyone who has written, read, commented and/or shared our blog. The reflections shared on A Curious Faith have touched the lives of many. Thank you.

Even as we wrap up Year One, we are planning and preparing for Year Two which will begin shortly after Labor Day. As we look ahead and plan for next year, we would welcome your input.
Let us know how you have made use of our blog.
And what you would like to see and read as we move forward.
And what we might do better.
Thank you.

Paul Alcorn is pastor at Bedford Presbyterian Church in Bedford Village, NY.

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